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    The CANOE 100 film list

    May 1, 2013

    CANOE 100 is what I originally called a list of 100 films that I used to type up, print off, and hand to people in hopes they would watch them, enrich their lives and, most important, think I was cool. This was a long time ago (ok, less than 15 years ago), and while I still hope you think I'm cool (completely optional) I'm hoping you will use the ever-evolving list below to seek out films I've watched over the years that made me be a more 'empathetic' person, made me weirder, or were simply entertaining. 

     I grew up in Dodge City, KS and saw pretty much every film I could in the movie theatre the week it came out. Seeing how there was only three movie screens year-round (and one in the summer at the Dodge City Drive Inn), it was an easy task, especially on Tuesdays, when every movie was 99-cents. Yikes! The historic Dodge City (pictured above) is locally famous in Dodge City for being the venue for the premiere of the movie DODGE CITY (1939). It's more famous to me as this is where my first movie memory took place - my dad, Peter Gunn, whispering in my ear the dialog of Jaba the Hut in Return of the Jedi (i.e. subtitles). I saw 100s of films after that at the Dodge Theatre - it's closed now, and there is talk of it reopening. I hope that happens. Years later I found out that Dennis Hopper, when he was a kid, would glue himself to the seats at the Dodge Theatre on the weekends until he moved away from Dodge City as a teenager. Amazing...


    Here is a list that will always be changing in hopes you'll come back and discover something new at your own Dodge Theatre of the mind. They call them memory palaces for a reason.


    THE CANOE 100 (and then some): 

    1. Pierrot Le Fou

    2. Days of Heaven

    3. Read My Lips

    4. Fat City

    5. Scarecrow (1973)

    6. Point Blank (1967)

    7. The Piano Teacher

    8. What Time Is It There?

    9. Dead Man

    10. One, Two, Three

    11. Jesus’ Son

    12. Barfly

    13. Stroszek

    14. Hud

    15. The Last Picture Show

    16. Take the Money and Run

    17. Grey Gardens

    18. Brother’s Keeper

    19. Clean, Shaven

    20. River’s Edge

    21. My Life as a Dog

    22. Tender Mercies

    23. Friends Forever

    24. Naked

    25. Before Night Falls

    26. The General

    27. A Woman Under the Influence

    28. La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc

    29. The Lost Weekend

    30. Pickup on South Street

    31. Shock Corridor

    32. Paris, Texas

    33. Discreet Charm of Bourgeois

    34. Medium Cool

    35. Look Back in Anger (1958)

    36. Spun

    37. Pixote

    38. Raising Victor Vargas

    39. Lucas

    40. Clash of the Titans

    41. Walkabout

    42. Vagabond

    43. The Conversation

    44. La Jetée

    45. Sunrise

    46. Pather Panchali

    47. L’Avventura

    48. The Grand Illusion

    49. Colors (1988)

    50. Watership Down

    51. The Indian Runner

    52. Thrashin’

    53. Escape from New York

    54. Gerry

    55. McCabe and Mrs. Miller

    56. Bad News Bears

    57. Safe

    58. Under the Skin

    59. Private Eyes

    60. Aquirre the Wraith of God

    61. My Own Private Idaho

    62. L’Atalante

    63. Small Change

    64. Croupier

    65. Ratcatcher

    66. Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas

    67. Donnie Darko

    68. The Black Hole

    69. Buffalo 66

    70. A Face in the Crowd

    71. Blue

    72. Gummo

    73. Ed Wood

    74. Sexy Beast

    75. 9 to 5

    76. La Bamba

    77. Diner

    78. Nanook of the North

    79. Mary Poppins

    80. Funny Games

    81. The Night Porter

    82. Umbrellas of Chermburg

    83. Baraka

    84. The Dinner Game

    85. Morvern Callar

    86. The Leopard

    87. La Cérémonie

    88. 24 Hour Party People

    89. Quadrophenia

    90. Le Trou

    91. Two-Lane Blacktop

    92. Human Resources

    93. Play it Again, Sam

    94. Primer

    95. Noi Albinoi

    96. Harlan County, U.S.A.

    97. Gates of Heaven

    98. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?

    99. George Washington






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    The CANOE 100 film list

    May 1, 2013

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